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Since the property was bought from the Council in 1991 the following are some of the projects that have been done with generous donations, film and photo fees and no public funding:

  • Repairing the end of the Boyne Pier to save the harbour and the beach.
  • Bringing the top of the track in by 2m, stabilising the cliff below and above, to maintain access to the harbour. 
  • Clearing mud slides across the track to maintain access for the fishing.
  • Improved drainage to protect the access track.
  • Reinforcing lower sections of the track.
  • Repairing the deck to the main pier.
  • Building stone steps from the harbour to the beach.
  • Repairing the path to the beach.
  • Repairing extensive damage the foreshore.
  • Clearing out the sea cave.
  • Planting more than 1000 trees.

along with regular:

  • Clearance of litter, including remains of fires and broken glass.
  • Management of trees and vegetation.
  • Maintaining vigilance and signs.

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