Cove Harbour dries out at low tide and is difficult to access.

Commercial boats are asked to contact the Harbourmaster: or 07768 990 998.

Visiting yachts are welcome, with great care. The Dunbar Yacht Club have an annual regatta to Cove. Jet skis are not permitted.

Moorings for leisure boats can be accommodated, with written consent. Applications for a mooring are welcome and must be made in writing. Users are asked to confirm their understanding that:

  • There is no vehicular access
  • There are no launching facilities. Dunbar, Skateraw or St Abbs are normally used.
  • Fuel or equipment have to be carried down to the harbour, or special arrangements made with the Harbourmaster.
  • Users are responsible for providing their own mooring chain etc, which has to be agreed with the Harbourmaster in detail.
  • Boats must be of blue or similar tradional Cove colours.
  • Moorings are normally from Easter to October.
  • Evidence of full insurance is to be provided.
  • No interference with the existing lobster and crab fishing, or boats, will be permitted.
  • Moorings must be paid before a mooring is occupied. Please contact Harbourmaster for charges.

The Harbourmaster's postal address is:
64 St Leonards Street,
Edinburgh EH8 9SW.

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